Further From Eternity (Uk)
Artist: Anchorite
Format: CD
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1. The Blood Of the Anchorite
2. Of dark Destinies
3. Like A River Through The Snow
4. Alone With The Horrors
5. Valhalla Awaits (CD Bonus Track)
6. Ebbing Tide
7. Dragons
8. Further From Eternity

More Info:

Firmly based in the field of Epic Doom Metal, Anchorite was formed in 2018 at the Malta Doom Metal Festival, when vocalist Leo Stivala (Forsaken, ex-Reflection) and Swedish bassist/song-writer Peter Svensson (Void Moon, Assassin's Blade, ex-Goatess) decided to form a band together. After trying several guitarists, the perfect fit was found in Martin Jepsen Andersen (Blindstone, Meridian, ex-Reece). The album contains a heartfelt tribute to the late frontman of Manilla Road, Mark "The Shark" Shelton, called "Valhalla Awaits" featuring guest appearances from ex-Manilla Road members Randy Foxe (drums) and Bryan Patrick (vocals).