II [Oxford/Red/Orange LP]
Artist: Serpent Omega
Format: Vinyl
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1. Orog Nuur
2. Land of Darkness
3. Rivers of Reversed
4. Through the Gates
5. Chthonic
6. At the Mountains Edge
7. Av Aska

More Info:

Serpent Omega meld sludge, doom, metal and crust into an unique and sordid brew. The first and self-titled album was sold out in a few months back in 2013.

The long awaited sequel “II” was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden by Jonsson at Dark Prod Studios, mixed at Studio Humbucker by Robert Pehrsson (Runemagick, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker) and finally mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions (Cult of Luna). To say it sounds grotesquely heavy and good is obviously an understatement.


Oxford/Red/Orange LP