Extinct Suite / Corridor (Uk)
Artist: Steve Jansen
Format: Vinyl
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Available Formats and Editions


1. The Extinct Suite Part 1 (Side A) 25:54
2. The Extinct Suite Part 2 (Side B) 24:40
3. Corridor Part 1 (Side C) 24:04
4. Corridor Part 2 (Side D) 24:19

More Info:

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Material gathered from two of Steve Jansen's solo releases The Extinct Suite and Corridor. The Extinct Suite - The third solo album release from Steve Jansen is a reinterpretation of the more ambient and orchestral elements of Tender Extinction (Jansen's second solo album). Not a remix by any means, some familiar passages are woven together with additional pieces to create a suite of instrumentals lasting over 55 minutes. Corridor is a slowly evolving instrumental piece designed for playback in a gallery space with uncontrolled acoustics and no sound insulation. Avoiding percussive and complicated bass content this audio is designed to float in a live space at low level volume allowing sonic variations to subtly stimulate the ambience.