Human Question [LP]

Human Question [LP]

Artist: The Yawpers

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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/19/2019
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The Yawpers are the sheep in wolf's clothing. Through their first three albums, the group divined a signature style-what Pitchfork described as "an expansive vision of rock 'n' roll, one that cherrypicks from various folk traditions: punk, rockabilly, blues, whatever they might have on hand or find in the trash." The sound is a front-heavy, groovy, fire & brimstone punk-blues overlying a dynamic and metaphysical roots rock. On their fourth album Human Question, the Denver trio zooms out to a more vast and accessible stylistic and spiritual universe. The 38-minute thrill ride generates growth and cathartic self-reflection for audience and performer alike. If there was justice in this world, the Yawpers would be the savior that rock and roll didn't know it was waiting for.