Format: Vinyl
Label: STAA
Rel. Date: 12/04/2020
UPC: 753907383027

Sadaam's Children
Artist: Muslimgauze
Format: Vinyl
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Vinyl LP pressing. 'Believers of the Blind Sheik' and 'Effendi' are slightly more straightforward, in that both are about twice as long as their Narcotic excerpts, with the former's echoing drum hits and quiet pulse proving to be a natural fit with 'Gulf Between Us' at the beginning of the release and the even sparser, slower building version of the latter seeing the album out in slightly abstract fashion. Before that track, however, there's the previously unreleased and similarly lengthy (at nearly 17 minutes) 'Trikrit Brotherhood Quartet', the only track of the four here to get more of Jones' traditional layers of instrumentation and distortion to form a track that seems to shimmer in the summer air like a mirage.