Artist: Matt Wilson
Format: CD
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1. The One Before This
2. Jabaloni
3. In the Moment
4. Every Day with You
5. Space Force March/Interplanetary Music
6. Joie de Vivre
7. Sunny ; Share
8. Hug
9. King of the Road 1
10. Man Bun 1
11. Hamba Kahle (Goodbye)

More Info:

Joined by saxophonist Jeff Lederer, cornetist Kirk Knuffke, and bassist Chris Lightcap, Wilson will release "Hug" We've worked together so much, and Hug represents the value of keeping the same people in a band, and that great sharing that happens in the group," says Wilson. "The band is the template more than the material. Hug is about what four people can do with new music, or on a tune by Dewey Redman or Abdullah Ibrahim. Jeff, Kirk, and Chris have been in the group so long they've really evolved and grown into such identifiable musical characters."