5 Years Of Modern Funk / Various
Artist: 5 Years Of Modern Funk / Various
Format: CD
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1. Diamond Ortiz - Goodies
2. Solar Shield - Reesis
3. Solar Shield - Beeturia
4. Rojai - Finest Girl (ft. Sally Green)
5. Rojai - So Special (ft. G. Vargas)
6. Rojai - Soul Step (ft. Sally Green)
7. Trailer Limon - Love Don't Pay The Bills (ft. E. Live)
8. Trailer Limon - Dancing With Somebody (ft. B. Bravo)
9. Starship Connection - Do It 4 U 1
10. XL Middleton - Enjoyable Sunburn 1
11. XL Middleton - Nervous 1
12. XL Middleton - Digital Devils 1
13. Lowmac - Late Nights 1
14. Computa Games - Do Your Thing (ft. K-Maxx) 1
15. Computa Games - Feel Right 2Nite 1
16. B ; The Family - A Good Time (BusCrates Remix) 1
17. B ; The Family - Just Want To Love Ya 1
18. Moniquea - Closer 1
19. Jonny Tobin - Sunrise 2
20. Jonny Tobin - Super Genesis 2
21. Spence - Ear to Ear

More Info:

Austin Boogie Crew Records (ABC) is an independent music label specializing in modern funk, a slightly underground genre that shares it's DNA with a lot of big artists like Anderson.Paak, Bruno Mars, and Tuxedo. Founded in Texas in 2014, ABC Records is on a mission to showcase the breadth of modern new music inspired by 1980's boogie, the synth-heavy sound that has remained influential since it's inception and reemerged in a big way over the last decade. The artists highlighted on the ABC roster are known for their ability to intertwine classic funk sounds with a myriad of other genres, including R&B, electronic, hip-hop, and even indie. 5 Years Of Modern Funk is an impressive collection of amazing artists that bridge generations, from modern funk heavy hitters like XL Middleton, to legends of the first boogie wave such as B & The Family (whose front man Brian Morgan played guitar on Rappers Delight back in '79).