This Is What I Live For [LP]
Artist: Blue October
Format: Vinyl
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1. I Laugh at Myself
2. The Way I Used to Love You
3. Love Stupid
4. This Is What I Live for
5. Fight for Love
6. Oh My My
7. Moving on (So Long)
8. I Will Follow You
9. Completely
10. Stay with Me
11. The Weatherman
12. Who Do You Run from
13. Only Lost Is Found

More Info:

“These songs should make you want to fall in love with somebody, or miss somebody, or want to do something outrageous with your life,” says Justin Furstenfeld, vocalist and lyricist for the unstoppable alt-rock band Blue October. He’s talking about the tracks on the quintet’s tenth studio album, This Is What I Live For, releasing in September 2020. The first single, ‘Oh My My,’ is sure to make a lasting impression.