Artist: Heat of Damage
Format: CD
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Cataclysm is a dark and progressive blend of a variety of heavy music. Heat of Damage crosses aggressive styles such as thrash metal, groove metal, hardcore, and even stoner metal. Each track keeps a consistent sound of heavy metal with tight vocal chemistry, infectious instrumentation and captivating songwriting that is driving yet unpredictable. While spinning down a wild path of chaotic elements, the album can effortlessly do the opposite and immerse you in an emotional whirlwind of blissful melody. Lyrically, the songs convey a wide range of ideas spanning subjects such as historical events, nihilism, sheer human emotion and worldly topics that impact the lives of all mankind. Those topics range from environmental awareness, oppression within society and the current political climate in the world we live in. The personal events that have impacted each member of the band's lives directly influenced the nature of the album's sound and through pure hardship and determination, the band have captured a truly epic and destructive body of music that cannot be overlooked. Showing their true colors, Heat of Damage hope to grasp the hearts of heavy metal listeners with Cataclysm, leaving them beguiled by the incredible musicianship that has a unique twist on a genre we all know and love.