Format: Vinyl
Label: TGAI
Rel. Date: 02/19/2021
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Cold Cold Morning
Artist: Free Will
Format: Vinyl
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1. River Deep Mountain High
2. Cold Cold Morning
3. Name in the Wind
4. Step Inside Love
5. No Resurrection
6. Heart Full of Soul
7. State Police Boogie
8. Way Out
9. Changes 1
10. I Believe to My Soul 1
11. Are You Gone? 1
12. Chuck Berry Medley 1
13. Skaneateles Cellar Incident

More Info:

Free Will was a legendary band from Upstate New York who formed in 1968 and signed to RCA Records in 1971 after a name change to Jukin' Bone. Led by vocalist Joe Whiting and lead guitarist Mark Doyle, the band also featured George Egosarian on second guitar, John DeMaso on bass, and Tom Glaister on drums.