The Path Of Stones
Artist: John Doyle
Format: CD
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1. The Rambler from Clare (Song)
2. Elevenses (Tune)
3. Lady Wynde (Song)
4. Coolaney Reel/The Windingstair/Rossagh's Rambles (Reels)
5. The Path of Stones (Song)
6. Sing Merrily to Me (Song)
7. Naoise Nolan's/An Slabhra Nóinini (Jigs)
8. Her Long Hair Flowing Down (Song)
9. Teelin Harbour (Song)
10. Knock a Chroí (Air)/Beltra Fair (Jig)/Aughris Head (Slip Jig)

More Info:

2020 album from the Irish singer/songwriter. Name many of the most notable recordings and/or performers in Irish music and it's a fair bet that John Doyle had something to do with them - Liz Carroll; Eileen Ivers; Karan Casey; Solas; Michael Black; Mary Black; the trio of McCusker, McGoldrick and Doyle; and now Usher's Island (Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Mike McGoldrick, Paddy Glackin and John Doyle), not to mention the hugely popular Transatlantic Sessions. This list is a veritable who's who of the greatest names in Irish music, and these are just a very few of the stellar artists for whom John Doyle's signature guitar sound, singing or songwriting is essential. Impossibly in demand in the studio and on the road, immensely talented and blessed with an acute ear, a wicked sense of rhythm and seemingly endless stream of magic in his playing, composing, performing and producing, John Doyle is solidly establishing himself as one of the most versatile, creative and prolific voices in folk and traditional Irish music.