Artist: Shifters
Format: Vinyl
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1. Hypnogogic Relapse
2. Through a Fog, Riddled with Light
3. Walking on Thunder Clouds
4. Distant Bells
5. The Opening and Closing of the Tinctures
6. Hermetic Fragments
7. The Twenty-Eight Incarnations
8. Chemical Traces

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"Penumbra, from the Latin paene (almost) and umbra (shadow), refers to the partially luminescent fringe of an opaque object, like the streetlight outlining the sole of a shoe hurtling towards your eye. Hypnagogic, from the Greek hupnos (sleep) and agogos (leading), refers to the drowsy state before sleep. Crazy Doberman here comprises seventeen players from the greater Europe of the Midwest. Basement glyphs. Who's on the lease? And what's under the rug. The owner pays them to keep away the beast of busco. They do spontaneity, welcoming simultaneity, montaged in post. Further spool't month to month, basking in the stroboscope." -Sam Lefebvre