Which Way Am I?
Artist: Tough Age
Format: Vinyl
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1. Self-Confidence
2. Penny Current Suppression Ring
3. Desire?
4. Consequences
5. My Life's a Joke ; I'm Throwing It Away
6. Anti-Anxiety Exercises
7. Repose
8. Mathers Ave
9. Possession 1
10. Patience of Mind 1
11. In a Desert

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. One of Mint's longest running acts, Tough Age, are back with their 4th album, Which Way Am I?, a great indie rock record inspired by the DIY adventurism of '80s underground labels like Flying Nun and Rough Trade. Tough Age continue to change shape on Which Way Am I? Drifting into unexplored territories of dreamy guitar workouts while expanding their instrumentation to include flute, synths, and organs, they hit fresh strides. Cultivating the collaborative approach of their last LP, Shame, this album finds bassist/vocalist Penny Clark contributing lead vocals on three songs with music written by guitarist/vocalist Jarrett Evan Samson. Side one's shorter run-times fight against the current with frenetic agitation, while side two's meditative, melancholy songs welcome death's sweet embrace.