Krautrock & Progressive: The Secret Archives / Var
Artist: Krautrock & Progressive The Secret Archives / Var
Format: Vinyl
New: Available $26.99

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1. Affinity - I Am and So Are You
2. Andromeda - Return to Sanity
3. Fuchsia - Me and My Kite
4. Deep Feeling - Classical Gas
5. Consortium - 13th Hour
6. Art Bears - Moeris, Dancing
7. Beckett - Life's Shadow
8. John Gustafson - Poem About a Gnome
9. Carmen - Steppingstone
10. Ashkan - Going Home
11. Beggars Opera - Think
12. Fruupp - Song for a Thought
13. Kluster - Electric Music Und Texte

More Info:

Our exploration into mysterious Krautrock & Progressive Rock keeps expanding with The Secret Archives, our second collection on vinyl format. We return to the rock sub-genre that has combined complex arrangements and improvisation with fantasy aesthetics and lyrics. Krautrock & Progressive: The Secret Archives digs even deeper into some of it's lesser known artists like Art Bears, Ashkan, Fuchsia and Fruuupp and blends them with some of the most essential names of the genre like Carmen, Affinity, Andromeda and Beggars Opera. With fantastic artwork and remastered sound, Krautrock & Progressive: The Secret Archives is another essential addition to your rock collection on vinyl format. As usual, the album is not available on streaming platforms!