Format: CD
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Rel. Date: 09/24/2002
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Artist: Low
Format: CD
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Trust is the 6th full-length studio album by the Duluth, MN trio Low. Trust features a number of concert favoritess and backing vocals by Gerry Beckley from soft-rock giants, America. If you love heavy loud rock, Low is for thee.


At this stage in their nine-year career, this Duluth, Minnesota trio have gotthis thing down. Plumbing the subconscious depths of slow, moody grace and remotesilence, this trio nevertheless use the constant, arresting, long-cooed harmoniesof guitarist Alan Sparhawk and drummer Mimi Parker to avoid boredom, and theatmospherics are elutriated by the mix of the master, Tchad Blake. The quieterthe background (see the start of "I Am the Lamb"), the more his meticulousghostly caress seems to sharpen the shadows. Dynamics abound, in conspicuousshifts of energies into shades of light and dark, making Low an experience ratherthan mere music. An example of the latter: when Low trebles the volume, "Canada"feels like the Sex Pistols in such contrary context. An example of the former:the lovely acoustic-breeze of "In the Drugs" merits the curious line,"close my eyes like Marvin Gaye." Somehow one thinks the late Mr.Sexual Healing could understand this different but obvious soul.