Format: CD
Label: STU
Rel. Date: 11/06/2020
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Fedeli D'amore
Artist: Ceccarelli
Format: CD
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"The Encyclopedias of Music would do well to add Montanari name to those of Cathy Berberian and Gabriella Bartolomei. Fantastic in contending with Ceccarelli's concrete-digital sound [...]." (Mario Gamba) "The worlds of sound and words created by Montanari, an extraordinary vocal acrobat, enthral and frighten their listeners, instilling bliss and turmoil, uneasiness and freedom. [...] Remaining within a chiaroscuro, hieratic and subtle, she is a shadow who comes from the reign of death, or of poetry. [...] Martinelli's stage poem has an enormous illuminating force, and in it's concise staging it seems to be able to move mountains." (Renate Klett) "This monodrama interpreted by Montanari confirms the musical inclination not only of her ars dicendi and stage art, but also Martinelli's dramaturgy [...], an excellent "libretto" whose inner workings include alliterations constructed to be "sung" by Ermanna. [...] Ceccarelli's acousmatic music, with it's violent waves of sound, hints at something catastrophic." (Emilio Sala)