Others [Digipak]
Artist: Remember Your Name
Format: CD
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1. The Blind Wander at Night
2. Mother's Sea
3. Little By Little
4. We Will Live
5. My Revolution
6. Other
7. Listen to Me, As the Rain
8. Requiem
9. Where We Do Not Exist

More Info:

With joy knowing that the magic of the amazing Neo-Classical band Remember Your Name continues on, Infinite Fog Productions presents their third studio album.On 'Others' you'll find 9 tracks. The band happily created the beginning of the album and it's lyrics from their own compositions. In addition to these originals on the record, you can hear work on the poems of I. Brodsky, V. Toka, O. Skorokhodov, O. Pas, and R. Rozhdestvensky. Obviously, it's no exaggeration to say that 'Others' is one of the biggest albums of the outgoing year, especially in the Russian-speaking segment of the world.