Format: CD
Label: MLML
Rel. Date: 11/13/2020
UPC: 8022167090917

The Golden Age of Black Magick
Artist: Ignitor
Format: CD
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2020 release. Ignitor, the titans of Texas true metal, return with their scorchingly wicked slasherpiece The Golden Age of Black Magick, their seventh studio album. They offer eight newly forged ruthless metal anthems that harken back to the glory days of unrelenting fist-pumping, head-banging, screaming heavy metal electricity, so thick you'll have to cut it with a chainsaw. Strong song structures with dynamic tempo shifts, catchy, rampaging riffs and melodies that will stay in your head for days on end. It's not your typical US power. You can hear nods to NWOBHM and the British tradition in double guitar leads, but the band has a dark edge and sometimes also ventures into epic metal territory. Jason McMaster's distinct vocals with high-pitched timbre are aggressive and unpolished, just like the music. This high-energy, intensely passionate and authentic slab of metal is not to be missed by the fans of Attacker, Dio, Riot, Skullview, Aska, Cage, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Phantom-X, Jag Panzer, Saxon and Judas Priest!