Format: CD
Label: PUET
Rel. Date: 09/25/2020
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Sect Of Faceless
Artist: Reverber
Format: CD
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1. Gods of Illusion
2. Sect of Faceless
3. My Name Is Destruction (Alboin the Conqueror)
4. Channel 666
5. Nightmareland
6. Wood of Suicides
7. Black Plague
8. Arachnophobia
9. Vlad 1
10. Angel Witch

More Info:

Since the first album, "Serial Metal Killer", everything that you want from the old school thrash emerges. After several line-up changes, Reverber return to the scene in 2016 with "Immortals". The band is not politically deployed, but has always shown a certain animosity towards the current global economic and political system, namely neoliberalism, financial elites and capitalist neo-slavery.