Format: CD
Label: PUET
Rel. Date: 11/20/2020
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The Seed
Artist: Dammercide
Format: CD
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1. Octagon
2. Hunter
3. The Artifact
4. The Seal
5. Spider
6. The Knot
7. Fractal
8. The Tree
9. The Godfader
10. The Comet
11. The Dance
12. The Roots

More Info:

Dammercide is an Italian Prog Metal Act, formed in 1994. Band released in 1996 the EP "Compromise" and, in the year 2000, the LP "Link". This two records sounds like a blend of the Swedish school (In Flames, DarkTranquillity) and the American way of prog-death metal like Cynic and Atheist.