Voices X De Femmes / Various
Artist: Voices X De Femmes / Various
Format: CD
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Voies(x) de femme is an album grouping twenty-six pieces for soprano and piano, performed by the soprano Theodora Cottarel and the pianist and composer Tiziana de Carolis. It also includes a piece for choir and piano performed by the choir Florilegium vocis, conducted by Sabino Manzo, and accompanied by the pianist Maria Gabriella Bassi. The works which make up this album have one thing in common and that is they are all composed by women; past and present composers who have succeeded through sheer willpower in making their voices (voix) heard and in following their artistic paths (voies), despite prejudice and masculine predominancy in the musical world. The album Voies(x) de femmes desires to reveal to the general public pages of music of great quality, often unpublished, unknown or underestimated.