Brace Yourself
Artist: Seized Up
Format: Vinyl
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Manic Decompression
2. Human Locusts
3. Disastroid Mutation
4. Tent City Exodus
5. Older and Wiser
6. Bleeding Fingers
7. Terminal Disarray
8. Sobriety Hurts
9. Taking Back the Neighborhood 1
10. Blob of Mediocrity 1
11. Shadow Panther 1
12. Also Available - Nothing

More Info:

Four like-minded veterans of the hardcore scene (Bl'ast!, Good Riddance, Distillers, Nerve Agents, and Fast Asleep) are driven by a shared feeling of social responsibility and an obligation to produce music with a true sense of urgency. In a world Seized Up in a virtual purgatory, actions speak louder than words. As a band, they would like to believe songs speak louder than both.