Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 09/11/2020
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Halloween Dance
Artist: Jill Riley
Format: DVD
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It's Halloween and all the little inhabitants of Sunnyville are celebrating! Besties BeezBee the bee, Peanut the giraffe, and Brooklyn the lion have already picked out their Halloween costumes. BeezBee will be a witch, Peanut a pharaoh, and Brooklyn a cool pirate! Now they need to discover where the best Trick Or Treat yummies are to be found! Will it be spooky pumpkin pudding at Santa's place? Will it be chocolate bats in the Land Of Dragons? Could it be gummy eyeballs at the Halloween dance party? BeezBee, Peanut, and Brooklyn travel up and down Sunnyville to visit all their friends and find the best Trick Or Treat yummies! They finally arrive to the best Trick Or Treat place in the world: Fritz the Ice Cream Monkey's truck! What will Fritz have in store for the three besties? Mummy Soda Floats, of course!