Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 11/03/2020
UPC: 810037851861

Avenger Dogs Christmas
Artist: Jacob Trill
Format: DVD
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Christmas is approaching and canine space adventurers Skyfetcher and Spaceslobber of the Avenger Dogs find themselves in the mire of relentless villain, the space tiger Inala! The heroes learn that Inala has his clutches on a magical object that can reverse time and cancel out Christmas forever! Of course, the Avenge Dogs love Christmas and will not stand idly by while Inala ruins the holiday for everybody! Skyfetcher, Spaceslobber, and the entire Avenger Dogs team are forced into a dicey alliance with Sharposki, a panther who is in a life-long competition with Inala to take over the galaxy. During their mission, the Avenger Dogs stumble upon an ancient and powerful Eternal Fire with it's own brand of cosmic powers