Format: Vinyl
Label: LAEO
Rel. Date: 02/12/2021
UPC: 811408035927

Everybody Hits (Bright Green)
Artist: Yankee Bluff
Format: Vinyl
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1. (Girard at Dawn)
2. Valley Song
3. Yr Picture
4. Darkened Kitchen
5. Mowee Wowee
6. Better For You
7. Let U Know
8. (15 Making All Stops)
9. By The Flow
10. Bargaining
11. (Next to the Silver Dollar)
12. C'mon Down
13. Candle Song
14. I Was There Once
15. Wendy
16. Kiss On The Forehead
17. Steep Rocks
18. Vicious Snobs
19. The Mine ^1.20

More Info:

Lo-fi indie project of Peter Helmis (Algernon Cadwallader) and Nate Dionne (Snowing, Glocca Morra) who also played together in Dogs On Acid, a power-pop project with a small but fiercely dedicated fan base.