Parkour & Freerunning: Intermediate Techniques

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This DVD has been developed for those who already have a beginning understanding of Parkour/Freerunning and are looking to take their skills on to the Intermediate level. Building on the basics already learned in the Beginning DVD, this Intermediate program goes beyond the basics and focuses on some of the more exciting movements associated with Parkour/Freerunning. This DVD serves as a great aid for anyone who has been practicing for a short while and wants to start to take their moves forward. 3RUN is a world-leading performance team specializing in the Arts of Movement Parkour / Free Running, Martial Arts & Urban Acrobatics. Standing as a strong influence of Parkour and Free Running Worldwide, for 3RUN, movement is a lifestyle. With involvement in many groundbreaking projects including the 007 James Bond film Casino Royale, award winning commercials for Microsoft Xbox, and holders of numerous Guinness World Records, the team was developed by friends who share the same passion as students of movement.