Budo Masters Volume 3: Masters Of Tokyo

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The third volume Budo masters presents experiences in the capital of Japan and it's surroundings. Starting with a dive in the heart of Goju Ryu Karate with Master Yasuko Yamada, the still undefeated Japanese Kata Champion. Master Nagura Toshihisa will lead you to the International Budo University and take you to the Sokesen: the legendary tournament between the first two dojos of Karate, Keio against Waseda. It is precisely at the heart of Waseda that Glenn Stockwell will introduce you to Seishinkan Iai-do. Finally, whether homemade or factory-made, you will know everything about the manufacture of Katanas. Get ready for an intense trip in the tumult of Tokyo. Since 2008, Cyril Guenet travels Japan in search of masters and experts who have preserved the spirit of Budo in their practice. Whether in Tokyo, Kyoto or in provinces such as the northern mountains or the southern islands, MDV Communication's cameras will lead you on a journey where exceptional Martial Arts mingle with history and culture of Japan. VPM-179