Modern American Music: Period Criteria Sessions
Artist: Jaco Pastorius
Format: CD
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1. Donna Lee
2. Ballon Song (12 Tone)
3. Pans #1
4. Havona/continuum
5. Kuru
6. Continuum
7. Opus Pocus (Pans #2)
8. Time Lapse
9. Ballon Song (12 Tone) 1
10. Time Lapse 1
11. Forgotten Love

More Info:

Many of the songs on Pastorius' 1976 debut had their original in after-hours recordings sessions the teenage Pastorius did with his friends. Many others from those sessions remained unreleased, until now.

TRACK LISTING: "Donna Lee", "Balloon Song (12-Tone)", "Pans", "Havona Continuum", "Opus Pocus (Pans 2)", "Time Lapse", "Balloon Song (12-Tone) (Alternate Take)", "Time Lapse (Alternate Take)", "Forgotten Love"