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Rel. Date: 07/24/2020
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Collection 1936-49
Artist: Al Dexter & His Troops
Format: CD
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1. Honky Tonk Blues
2. Whisper Again That You Love Me
3. Car Hoppin' Mama
4. Honky Tonk Baby
5. You've Got Love in Your Heart
6. In Days of Yesterday
7. My Baby Loves Me
8. Bring It on Home to Me
9. I'm Happy When You're Happy 1
10. Jelly Roll Special 1
11. My Troubles Don't Trouble Me No More 1
12. Bar Hotel 1
13. Diddy Wah Diddy with a Blah Wah 1
14. When We Go a Honky Tonkin' 1
15. Walking in My Sleep 1
16. You May Be Sorry 1
17. Poor Little Honky Tonk Girl 1
18. New Soldier's Farewell 1
19. The Money You Spent Was Mine 2
20. You Will Always Be My Darling 2
21. Who's Been Here' 2
22. Meet Me Down in Honky Tonk Town 2
23. Honky Tonk Chinese Dime 2
24. Pistol Packin' Mama 2
25. Rosalita 2
26. Too Late to Worry 2
27. So Long Pal 2
28. I'll Wait for You, Dear 2
29. I'm Losing My Mind Over You 3
30. Triflin' Gal 3
31. I'm Lost Without You 3
32. Honey, Do You Think It's Wrong' 3
33. Guitar Polka 3
34. It's Up to You 3
35. Wine, Women and Song 3
36. I Learned About Love 3
37. Kokomo Island 3
38. Down at the Road Side Inn 3
39. Who's Gonna Love You When I'm Gone' 4
40. Maybe Baby, It's Me 4
41. New Broom Boogie 4
42. Texas Waltz 4
43. Can This Love Be Real 4
44. Barrel House Boogie 4
45. Rock and Rye Rag 4
46. I'm Leaving My Troubles Behind 4
47. Calico Rag 4
48. I Cry When I'm Blue 4
49. Just Take a Little Time 5
50. Calamity Jane 5
51. At the End of Each Day 5
52. Saturday Night Boogie 5
53. I'm Startin' Sweetheartin' Again 5
54. Each Night I Cry Over Your Picture

More Info:

Al Dexter was a country singer, guitarist and songwriter who began his career in the era of hillbilly country in the 1930s, and helped to popularise the style of music known as "honky-tonk", being probably the first country artist to use the term in a song when he wrote and recorded his first hit "Honky Tonk Blues" in 1936. He is most famous for writing and recording the hit song "Pistol-Packin' Mama", which was also a hit for Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters, The Pied Pipers, and in 1960 for Gene Vincent. His style was informal and unsophisticated, his songs dealing with the customary lifestyle-related themes of down-home country, while his recordings also included some fine instrumental performances. This great-value 54-track 2-CD set comprises selected A and B sides from his releases on the Vocalion, Okeh and Columbia labels during this, the primary era of his career, and includes at least one side of a high proportion of his releases during these years. It features all his 16 career hits in the US pop and country charts, including the country No. 1s "Pistol-Packin' Mama", "Rosalita", "Too Late To Worry", "So Long Pal", "I'm Losing My Mind Over You", "Guitar Polka" and "Wine Women And Song", achieved in the years before the business of country music became more commercial and urbane. It's an entertaining cross-section of his work, and admirably showcases the many facets of his style and talent