Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/26/2020
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Louis Wayne Moody High / Various (Gate)
Artist: Louis Wayne Moody High / Various Gate
Format: Vinyl
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1. $1,000,000 War Babies - Hey, Little Boy
2. The Invaders - I Was a Fool
3. "D" and the Sugar Cane Factory - Fade Sun, Fade
4. The Shades - Tell Me Not to Hurt
5. The Werps - Voodoo Doll
6. Female Species - Tale of My Lost Love
7. The Chayns - See It Thru
8. Yellow Hair - Somewhere
9. The Islanders - King of the Surf 1
10. The Fastells - So Much 1
11. The Frost - Behind the Closed Doors of Her Mind B5 Bob Kirk and the Word - Summer Winds 1
12. The Weejuns - Ready C'mon Now 1
13. The Shy Guys - Goodbye to You

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The lost yearbook from Louis Wayne Moody High's graduating class of 1967, chronicling the peaks and valleys of teenage angst, lost loves, and life after summer vacation. Fourteen moody melodies of surf kings, guitar Bettys, talent show psychers, and pre-S.D.S. soft- poppers. Walls of jangly guitars, maudlin organs, and melancholy harmonies deliver the bummer to ring in the summer.