Format: CD
Catalog: 93
Rel. Date: 02/05/2008
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Life I Know
Artist: Gwen Stacy
Format: CD
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Indianapolis natives Gwen Stacy began practicing together in the winter of 2004. Since those early days Gwen Stacy has maintained a diligent work ethic rivaling older, more experienced bands. On the band's full-length Ferret debut, Gwen Stacy convened with Paul Leavitt (The Bled, From Autumn to Ashes) and well-known producer Brian Mcternan to record The Life I Know.


In comic lore, Gwen Stacy was an early Peter Parker flame who bought it at the hands of the Green Goblin. In the music world, Gwen Stacy are the sort of band Peter Parker probably listened to during his guyliner phase, afflicted by the alien symbiote suit. In lieu of explaining the last three words to any n00bs out there, we'll just say that Indianapolis quartet Gwen Stacy do Christian deathcore with conviction, never letting technicality get in the way of a killer hook.