Road & The Radio

Road & The Radio

Artist: Kenny Chesney

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Format: CD
Catalog: 72960
Genre: Country
Rel. Date: 11/08/2005
UPC: 828767296029

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His audience is young and passionate and his music is the soundtrack to their lives. He's the #1 concert ticket seller so far this year and has sold over 20 million records in his career. With his new album, Kenny Chesney continues to make records and break them.


''The Road and the Radio'' is the eleventh album released by country music singer and guitarist Kenny Chesney. It was released on November 8, 2005. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 on November 26, 2005.

The tracks "Who You'd Be Today", "Living in Fast Forward", "Summertime", "You Save Me", and "Beer in Mexico" were all released as singles between 2005 and 2007. Respectively, these songs peaked at #2, #1, #1, #3 and #1 on the Hot Country Songs charts. - Wikipedia

He sure makes fewer hip magazine covers, but the man who married (and divorced) Rene Zellweger is actually more famous than Jack White. Just as Garth Brooks recognized the appeal of James Taylor and the Eagles to the modern country fan, Chesney noticed that the drinking habits of many suburban listeners had more in common with the Caribbean-tinged Sun Belt lazing of Jimmy Buffett than traditional Nashville honky-tonk desperation. For a supposed cut-offs-and-sandal-wearing slacker, Chesney keeps busy. After this summers collection of Cuervo tropicalia, Be As You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair), hes already back with The Road and the Radio. Probably recorded a little too early to capture the full extent of his failed marriage, the new disc instead offers up typical tales of intoxication in the warmer climes, with "Beer in Mexico" and "Tequila Loves Me" sharing the wisdom little Kennys gained in his long afternoons at the beachside hotel bar.