Infinite X's [Colored Vinyl] (Gol) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Infinite Xs
Format: Vinyl
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Vinyl LP pressing. Queer punk-pop superheroes Infinite X's formed around the turn of the century in San Francisco and Los Angeles as a collaborative project featuring Jody Bleyle (Team Dresch, Hazel), Tamala Poljak (Longstocking, Automaticans), Whitney Skillkorn (Little Deaths, Fighter D) and Scotty Walsh (Automaticans). At the time the idea of a noncommittal project was freeing and fun for these musicians. While many bands are lucky to have one good singer-songwriter, Infinite X's had three. Originally released in 2002 by Chainsaw Records and produced by Richard Baluyut from Versus, the 12-track album Infinite X's is full of should-have-been hits and has been remastered and repackaged (vinyl!) for your fresh ears. Inclusive, infectious and raw, the album is packed with pent-up angst and love songs to exes who changed your life. With members from Team Dresch, Longstocking, Auctomaticans and Little Death, the record is recommended for fans of Sleater-Kinney and Scrawl.