Too Numb To Know
Artist: Profligate
Format: Vinyl
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1. Mask
2. Hang Up
3. Tula
4. A Little Rain
5. No Clear Way
6. We Can Punish
7. Drink a Spider
8. Just a Few Things Wrong
9. My Days 1
10. A Stranger\

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Too Numb To Know showcases Profligate continuing to shirk the heavy electronics of his early years for razor sharp pop. On 2018's Somewhere Else, Noah Anthony delivered dark pop gems while adding live instrumentations, reinvigorating his songwriting and sonic palette. This new song-driven approach gained praise from critics. Too Numb To Know followed Anthony from coast to coast, as he recorded his first demos in Philadelphia and then moved to Los Angeles, a city he found creatively challenging and emotionally depleting. After the theft of his computer-and with it the work he'd done in L.A.- Anthony took a friend's suggestion and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he finished the album and added contributions from allies like Matchess, Lazy Magnet, Gel Set, and Missions, among others.