Format: CD
Label: NTFO
Rel. Date: 11/24/2020
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Open 24 Hours (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Artist: Holly Church Amber
Format: CD
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1. Open 24 Hours: Main Titles
2. Bathtub Drowning
3. Canton Square
4. Arrival at the Gas Station
5. Debbie Downer
6. James on Fire
7. Mary's Story
8. The Bloody Bathroom
9. What If I'm Not Real 1
10. Do You Remember Her' 1
11. Watch Me Mary 1
12. Gun in a Locker 1
13. Officer Down 1
14. The Car Graveyard 1
15. Deerly Departed 1
16. End of Shift

More Info:

The movie features music by Composer Holly Amber Church. The score is dark, moody and intense. At it's core is a haunting, somber theme for Mary, the film's protagonist, while swirling around it is a blend of gritty electronic elements and distorted neon sounds to reflect the chaos that Mary finds herself in as she struggles to survive her first shift working at an all-night gas station.