Bronx U.S.A. / Original Hbo Documentary Soundtrack
Artist: Bronx USA / Original Hbo Documentary Soundtrack
Format: CD
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1. Charles Fox; Paul Williams; Robert Klein; Donald Webber JR - Da Bronx
2. Nathan East - We Love N8
3. John Robinson - Friends
4. Chris Joyner; Scott Seiver; David Ralicke - Flash Wednesday

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The Bronx, USA introduces the next generation of Bronx-ites - the 2017 graduating class of DeWitt Clinton High School, who may come from different backgrounds from Shapiro's class of 1949, but whose passion, drive and emphasis on the power of friendship connects them with the seniors who came nearly seventy years before them. Featuring music by Charles Fox, Paul Williams, Nathan East, John Robinson, Will Collyer, Tom Scott, Fish Ranch Road, Trevor Lawrence Jr, Chris Joyner, Scott Seiver, David Ralicke. The HBO Documentary is directed by Danny Gold and features a title track, Da Bronx, written by the legendary composer Charles Fox and lyricist Paul Williams