Unborn / (Mod)

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Tiffany, a 25 year old security guard, rushes to discuss a shocking discovery with her boyfriend: She is pregnant. Upon arrival at an old factory scheduled for demolition, Tiffany is unable to to talk with him alone. She starts a night shift along with her colleague Joey who is secretly in love with her. Later, Joey hears sounds in the darkness. Tiffany sees a figure. There is someone out there. Behind a locked door, Joey discovers an old clinic. Rusty scalpels, blood spots and... a jar with two perfectly preserved demonic babies in it. The situation turns dire when Joey is attacked by the dark figure. As the two try to make sense of the situation, they are cut off from the outside world. It's time to decide: Do they try to escape or fight back? Joey tries to distract the evil entity, but on the security monitor Tiffany sees him being dragged out into the darkness. It is now up to Tiffany alone to confront the mysterious attacker and save Joey, herself and her unborn child.