Format: CD
Label: ANMC
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
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Artist: Reka / Various
Format: CD
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LENKA DUSILOVA, a six-time winner of the Czech Music Academy Awards, is one of the most original presences on the Czech music scene. Nine years after the release of her previous solo album and six years after she recorded her last album with Baromantika, LENKA DUSILOVA comes with a new long-awaited album, REKA ("River"), which introduces a new sound, a new team of musical partners and a number of personal themes. The album originated in collaboration with the producer PETR OSTROUCHOV who had also initiated, for example, the successful award-winning album of Vladimír Misík, "Jednou te potkám" from last year. The sound has been significantly determined by the presence of the beat maker and electronic wizard AID KID (a member, among others, of Zvíre jménem podzim and the Kittchen project, the latter in collaboration with Jakub König). Multiple layers of sound have been created by mixing experienced performers from various genres, including jazz, pop and electronic music. In one of the tracks, LENKA DUSILOVA has been joined by MONIKA NACEVA and IVA BITTOVA with whom she has appeared recently. The overall sound of the album is characterized by the variety and density of sounds, moods and effects, including sound-on-sound looping and vocal layering. "The title of the album - simply RIVER (REKA) - metaphorically reflects the dynamism and fluid characteristics of a system which is influenced by it's surroundings - the terrain, weather and natural and human-induced events in the landscape. This is what all "rivers" have in common and what makes them unique as well," explains LENKA DUSILOVA.