SuperM The 1st Album 'Super One' [One Ver.]
Artist: SuperM
Format: CD
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The album features 15 tracks highlighting the group’s energetically hopeful vibe, conveying the members’ collective message that we’re all “Super” and we can overcome any hardship together as “One”. The album, which will be released on Sep 25, includes 1 booklet, 1 CD-R booklet, 1 ID card, 1 ID card holder, 1 postcard, 1 folded poster, and 2 photo cards. This is an official release from SM Entertainment and Capitol Records.



1.Cover-1version (Super Ver.)

2.Booklet-1ea (Super Ver. 104p)

3.CD-R Booklet-1ea (Super Ver. 16p: Neon Orange)

4.ID Card**Only for the US version-1ea (Random 1 out of 7; Super Ver.)

5.ID Card Holder**Only for the US version-1ea (Super Ver.: Neon Orange)

6.Postcard-1ea (Random 1 out of 9; 2 group + 7 member)

7.Folded Poster-1ea (Super Ver.)

8.Photo Card: Total 2ea-1ea (Random 1 out of 9; 2 group + 7 member)-1ea (Super Ver.)

One Ver. One Ver. One Ver. One Ver. One Ver. One Ver.