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Rel. Date: 03/05/2021
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Mattel Collectible - Masters of the Universe Origins Battle Cat (He-Man, MOTU)
Artist: Masters Of The Universe
Format: Collectibles
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Masters of the Universe is back for admirers, collectors and a whole new generation of fans. It's time to get back into the battle to help He-Man save the universe from the evil Skeletor! Enter the ever-fierce Battle Cat! This is a thrilling figure in the Origins line that honors classic Masters of the Universe traditions while incorporating exciting new design features for intense action play. The Battle Cat is a giant tiger-like creature who's ferociously loyal to He-Man. Its green body has yellow stripes and 12 moveable joints - including legs, head, neck, and jaw - for power posing and imaginative battle scenes. Battle ready in maroon red armor, this impressive cat arrives in beautifully rendered, authentic vintage packaging that fans will want to dig into right away. Masters of the Universe is a franchise full of positive themes and characters that kids will love, and adults will love to pass down to a new generation of MOTU fans. By the power of Grayskull! Colors and decorations may vary.

Yellow-striped green tiger comes with classic battle armor. Both helmet and saddle are removable!

??Battle Cat has 12 moveable joints - including jaw, head and shoulders - excellent for powerful poses and the fiercest battle scenes!

??Saddle up the loyal Battle Cat so He-Man and his ferocious fighting mount will be ready to take on the evil Skeletor!?

Other Masters of the Universe Origins figures are available (each sold separately) to collect for battle and storytelling play and display. By the power of Grayskull!

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