#KingButch [LP]
Artist: Butcher Brown
Format: Vinyl
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1. Fonkadelica
2. #KingButch
3. Broad Rock
4. Cabbage (DFC)
5. Gum In My Mouth
6. Frontline [Intro]
7. Frontline
8. 1992
9. Love Lock
10. Hopscotch
11. Tidal Wave
12. For The City
13. IDK

More Info:

#KingButch—hashtag proudly attached—is the title of Butcher Brown’s tenth album in the band’s up-from-the-roots legacy, and their first with Concord Records, on the Concord Jazz imprint. The 13 tracks collectively represent a bold step forward for the 5-piece group from Richmond, Virginia. Remaining true to the group’s heady fusion of contemporary hip-hop, ‘70s fusion, ‘60s jazz and funk—even echoes of Southern rock and marching band music show up—#KingButch is a powerfully original statement that reaches across divisions of genre, generation, ethnicity, and geography. Significantly, the new recording also reveals a side of Butcher Brown that’s been developing and is now in full-flower: a song-crafting, studio maturity on a par with their national reputation as an explosive live act.