The Silent Circus: 2020 Remix/Remaster [2 LP]
Artist: Between The Buried And Me
Format: Vinyl
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1. Lost Perfection a) Coulrophobia
2. b) Anablephobia
3. Camila Rhodes
4. Mordecai
5. Reaction
6. Shevanel Take 2
7. Ad a dglgmut
8. Destructo Spin
9. Aesthetic
10. The Need For Repetition

More Info:

This sophomore album from GRAMMY-nominated progressive metal five-piece Between the Buried and Me was their first release after catching the attention of Chicago powerhouse Victory Records. This album features the single “Mordecai,” which is still a fan favorite to this day. Originally notable for being the only album of the band’s not to be produced by Jamie King, King came back to remaster this 2020 release.