Apocalypse Now [Red LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/08/2020
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Apocalypse Now [Red LP]
Artist: Discharge
Format: Vinyl
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1. Realities of War
2. Religion Instigates
3. Fight Back
4. Why
5. After the Gig
6. Does the System Work
7. They Declare It
8. A Look at Tomorrow
9. Tomorrow Belongs to Us
10. Is This to Be
11. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
12. War's No Fairytale
13. Visions of War
14. You Take Part in Creating This System
15. No TV Sketch
16. Mania for Conquest
17. Always Restrictions
18. Maimed and Slaughtered
19. Decontrol
20. Tomorrow Belongs to Us (Encore)
21. Always Restrictions (Encore)
22. They Declare It (Encore)
23. Realities of War (Encore)
24. Maimed and Slaughtered (Encore)
25. No TV Sketch (Encore)

More Info:

Reissue of the famed 1981 concert recording at London's Lyceum from hardcore punk rock icons, Discharge!

Avaialble on CD and for the first time on colored vinyl - RED!