Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/11/2020
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Goncalo Gato: Nowstate / Various
Artist: Goncalo Gato Nowstate / Various
Format: CD
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1. A Walk in the Countryside
2. Elementos: I. Melodia
3. Elementos: II. Ostinato
4. Elementos: III. Pulsaçao
5. Elementos: IV. Sonoridade
6. Equilíbrio
7. Dégradé
8. #Where_We're_Going
9. Nowstate: I. Aporia 1
10. Nowstate: II. As We Turn Into Machines 1
11. Nowstate: III. Digital 1
12. Derivaçao

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With Martin Fahlenbock, Ensemble recherche, Peter Rundel and other renowned New Music performers, Portuguese composer Gonçalo Gato has some strong advocates for his music on this latest KAIROS release. He presents a kaleidoscope of works: Two solo pieces (for flute and piano respectively), a trio, and two larger ensemble works show his versatility, his wide range of musical styles and musical sensitivity. - 'Music is, in effect, a transduction of energy from the physical into the cognitive and no words can replace that experience.' Goncalo Gato