J.A. Sessions (Aus)
Artist: Joey Amenta Taste
Format: CD
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1. Everybody Needs Love
2. Rain Down on Me
3. Can't Sleep at Night
4. Perish in Your Paradise
5. Angels in Heaven
6. Come to You
7. Make Believe

More Info:

The J.A. Sessions were recorded at GM Sound Studios Campbellfield Victoria Australia in 1993, when it was still a Cabinet making business. Years later in 2009 the tracks were only made available on digital platforms via Laneway Music, when the internet allowed such things. MelodicRock Records is proud to have Joey signed to the label and this is the very first instalment with more to come. The original cover was designed by Laneway Music back in 2009 but, wasn't released on CD. Now in 2020 Melodic Rock Records commissioned Dave Ashman to re-design the cover and it came up a treat.